3 Reasons to Give Your Lawn Some August Attention

August may be here, but summer isn’t over just yet! There’s still plenty of time for outdoor fun before school is back in swing, and here in Texas the hot days certainly aren’t ending any time soon. Now is an ideal time to give your lawn some attention, and to get ready for the important maintenance months coming up in the fall. Below we look at 3 of the top reasons to give your yard some attention in the coming weeks.

1. Look Good for Labor Day

Summer may be wrapping up, but there’s still time for a backyard BBQ or two not to mention that end of summer gathering. Get your lawn into shape now so it’s party-ready when Labor Day rolls around. A green, fresh lawn will look great, impress your guests, and provide some practical benefits. Healthy, full grass on an even surface is ideal for all those end-of-summer activities, from picnicking to roasting marshmallows by a fire pit, to backyard games (we’re thinking horseshoes and volleyballs). Having a healthy, smooth lawn devoid of major bumps or lumps not only offers comfort, but also ensures the kids have a safe place to play and run around.


→ What To Do: Water/Irrigation, Mowing

2. Freshen Up For Fall

Fall means cooler temperatures, which can make a huge difference when it comes to sprucing up your lawn. Fall is a very important time of year for many lawn maintenance services, so it’s a good idea to complete any clean-up and prep work in advance so you’re ready to give your lawn the attention it needs when fall rolls around. August is a good time to keep things fresh, including watering, cleaning up any dead branches and weeds, and completing other repairs and prepwork (all of which Grassworks can help with). Once fall is here, you’ll be on track to complete the services necessary for your lawn to thrive. Fall is the best time for fertilizing and a good time for seeding, as well. When you fertilize in the fall, your grass has the ability to store up nutrients and grow its roots, which helps prepare for the harsher winter months and paves the way for a beautiful spring lawn.


→ What To Do: Seeding, Fertilizing/Treatment

3. Stop The Stress 

While fall is an exciting time of year full of back-to-school fun and new activities, it can also bring stress. Going from the laid back days of summer with extra time on your hands to the go-go-go of daily life and busy schedules can be tiring. Did you know research shows being outdoors (and especially in the garden) can help boost endorphins and decrease stress? Spending some time on your lawn – after it’s all spruced up, of course – is a great way to stay relaxed throughout the fall and any other season. With the warm weather in Texas fall is an ideal time to relax outdoors, from reading in your yard to a casual game of ball. You can even think about planting some fall flowers for a fun, rewarding activity. 


→ What To Do: Landscaping, Clean Up


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