Landscape Installations & Makeovers

Are you considering a new installation for your home but are not sure where to start?  Perhaps you have some ideas but are not sure how to execute them?  From steps A to Z, Grass Works will work with you through the process to interpret your ideas and help bring them to life. 

River Rock and Black Star Gravel

Give your yard a finishing touch with river rocks or black star gravel. Rocks are a popular alternative to mulch beds and add interest, texture, and color to any space. River rocks come in a variety of colors and sizes and can be used in pathways as well as landscaping beds to define areas of the yard and make them stand out against vegetation. They also require less maintenance and do not need to be refreshed as often as mulch beds. Black star gravel is also a popular alternative and is widely used in xeriscaping and in pathways and patio seating areas in combination with pavers for a modern look. To create even more interest, try combining multiple beds with varieties of rock tied together with a signature paver pathway. With rock, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!


Adding new mulch is one the easiest things you can do to add instant curb appeal to your home. It improves soil texture, suppresses weeds, and conserves water. Mulching your beds is relatively inexpensive and provides your beds with a tidy and well-manicured look.

What are the Benefits of Mulch?

  • Aesthetics – Newly mulched beds make plants stand out in your landscaping.
  • Moisture Retention – Mulch helps slow evaporation and reduces your need to water.
  • Added Nutrients – As mulch breaks down it adds nutrients to the soil.
  • Weed Control – Mulch helps prevent weeds in your beds.

Decomposed Granite

The great thing about decomposed granite is the natural look and feel. Popularly used for pathways, gaming or seating areas and larger landscape projects, decomposed granite does not absorb heat like concrete or asphalt and has excellent drainage properties making it a highly versatile and sought after material.

Flower Beds

Flower Beds add impact and pizzazz to our lawns and can be the focal point to which our eyes are drawn. Flower beds add color and excitement but take work to install. Not to worry, Grass Works Austin can install flower beds for you as well as add mulch to your existing beds to keep them fresh and beautiful year round. Birds and butterflies love flowers too so investing in your lawn will bring new visitors as well!

Native Plant and Tree Installations

Is your yard in need of a little variety?  If your yard is bare and in need of new life, native plant and tree installations can give you the new look you are looking for in as little as a day.  Grass Works Lawn Care can suggest plants and trees that will compliment your home and will thrive in our Central Texas environment.  Our crews can deliver and install new plants to liven up and fill in existing beds or create new beds with eye pleasing layouts.

Sod Installation

Is your yard a barren desert that is in desperate need of new sod?  Perhaps there are just a few sections of your yard that need a little extra help or are in need of repair? Grass Works Austin’s Landscaping services can prepare your yard and install new sod to give your yard a fresh start and bring back the lush green lawn you crave!

Hardscapes and Outdoor Living

Do you have high traffic areas around your home that have worn your sod thin?  Do these paths turn to mud in the rain? Perhaps shade or other factors have limited the success of sod in a certain area? Why not consider a new pathway or seating area installation?  Grass Works specializes in installing natural stepping stones or paver pathways and seating areas of all sizes.  With a wide range of materials and finishes, you can customize your installation to fit the feel of your home and to blend seamlessly with your yard and environment.