Plant Tear Outs

Is your landscaping outdated and boring?  Did the previous homeowner leave you with an incoherent mix of overgrown plant chaos?  If your landscaping does not have a clear and cohesive structure or design plan, you may be considering a landscaping overhaul.

Grass Works offers Plant Tear Out Services allowing you to remove unwanted plants from your landscaping so you can start over with a clean slate for your fresh new look. 

Alternatively, maybe you have the yard of your dreams but a drought, heavy freeze, or disease took its toll and damaged or killed your well-loved plants.  Grass Works can also help remove dead, dying, or diseased plants from your yard to make room for healthy replacements.  Pair this service together with a plant installation and have dead plants removed and replaced in just a few hours to restore your landscaping to its original beauty.

Benefits of Removing Dead Plants:

  • Improves Visual Appeal:  Dead plants are unsightly and many HOAs have rules against them.  By removing dead plants, you are not only improving your curb appeal, you will also keep your HOA from sending you warnings or citations for violations. 
  • Reduction of Risk of Disease:  Drought and Freezes are not the only causes of plant death in your landscaping.  Disease can be another attributing factor.  By treating diseased plants at the earliest sign of infection, you may be able to save them. But, if not, you will want to remove the plants as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of disease spreading to your other beds.
  • Reduction of Risk due to Fire:  Dead plants, leaves, and branches fuel fires so by removing any dead vegetation and leaf piles in your yard, you will be reducing the fire risk to your home.  Taking proactive steps now may save you thousands of dollars later if a fire ever threatens your property.
  • Improves Safety: Homes with dead plants and neglected landscaping can give the impression that they are not occupied or are occupied infrequently which increases the chance of a home break in.  Burglars tend to target houses where people are not likely to be home for a quick job so maintaining your landscaping may help prevent potential crimes in your area. 

Grass Works also offers Tree Removal services for smaller trees and Stump Removal services.  If you need to have a small tree removed or a stump ground down to make way for a new installation, contact our office for a free estimate. 

Looking to enhance your residential or commercial property with plant tear outs, tree or stump removal? Give us a call at (512) 797-1640 to learn more about our plant installation services.