Tree Trimming & Hedge Pruning

Professionally pruned trees will enhance the beauty of your property in addition to just being more attractive themselves. Trees and shrubs that bloom in spring are best pruned soon after they finish blooming, which will stimulate greater flowering the next bloom season, helping the new shoots fully grow in.

The best of flowering shrubs will decline into sparse flowering straggly bushes if they aren’t thinned periodically by cutting the oldest wood to the ground. Ornamental shrubs are capable of renewing themselves almost indefinitely. We have even heard of shrubs that are alive for over 100 years. The secret? Proper pruning.

Grass Works can prune, shape, and clip bushes and hedges to keep your entire home looking good! We will remove fallen trees and clean your yard of debris.

Pruning Hedges

Pruning your shrubs is so important to not only their look but also to their health. It should be done as a matter of regular maintenance and not just when they start to look bad. Pruning that is done regularly eliminates dead and decaying debris from the plant and helps eliminate opportunities for disease to set in.

Various aspects of pruning include pinching back shoots that are wanting to become a bit too long. Pinching back helps the rest of the plant fill in properly. Heading back will also cause the plant to grow in more fully. While often we are looking for ways to get your shrubs to fill in, sometimes they need to be thinned out a bit. Regular pruning will give you beautiful plants, trees, and shrubs.

Shaping Bushes & Trees

If you see beautifully shaped and filled in bushes or hedges, you can be certain it was no accident. For bushes to fill in properly, they need to be trained from the beginning of their life, cutting back when you plant and again after the first year. In the third year, things start to get more exciting and we get to start shaping.

Pruning takes a certain amount of expertise and knowledge, not to mention it is physically demanding. Don’t take a chance with your beautiful bushes and trees. Call us. We know what we are doing and will get the job done right at an affordable price. You can have peace of mind and time to relax with your family while we do the work!

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