Top Dressing

Want to green your lawn up for those warm summer months in Austin, TX? Add a layer of top dressing to build up the soil, shore up shallow spots and stimulate your grass; helping it grow thicker and greener!

According to Texas AgriLife Extension Service in Travis County, “Lawns need 4”-6” of well-drained, organic-rich soil for the roots to be able to access oxygen, moisture, and nutrients. Compacted clay soils do not have good airflow, and can prevent water from soaking down to the roots, or conversely can hold moisture at the roots for too long once it does finally soak in. Organic matter in the soil breaks up those hard, compacted clay lumps and allows air and water to flow through the soil, while also feeding beneficial microorganisms.

Top Dressing Lawn Considerations

When top-dressing your lawn, the proper mixture must be prepared for your specific lawn’s needs. Not all lawns will have the same requirements and that is one reason why it is a good idea to use a lawn maintenance company to do this work for you.

Top dressing done improperly can make matters much worse for your lawn. But the benefits, if done properly, are substantial. Top dressing can smooth out a lumpy, bumpy yard making it a pleasure to play in again. Putting greens are routinely top dressed to keep a nice playing surface. Top dressing also helps reduce thatch, helps your lawn recover from injury and disease and helps conserve water which is so important here in the Austin – Cedar Park – Leander – Round Rock area.

Improve Soil

Improving the existing soil is one of the most important reasons for top dressing your lawn. Top dressing benefits the soil by feeding it nutrients and microbes that make it thrive.

For best results, combine top dressing with core aeration. It can change your existing soil’s composition in just a few years.

Here in Central Texas, regular topdressing is a great way of improving drainage in our clay soils. Heavy clay drains slowly and stays saturated longer after rain or irrigation. Then, once the hot Texas sun comes out, the soil dries and forms a hard, cracked surface. Top dressing helps alleviate this condition.

Grass Works knows your main goal is to have a lawn you can be proud of. That is our goal too.

We highly recommend top-dressing your lawn and would love to give you an estimate. We are sure you will find our pricing most affordable. Go local! Go Grass Works!