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What is included in your Basic Maintenance?

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Lawn Service includes mowing the lawn, edging the sidewalk and driveway, trimming around trees, flowerbeds, and the house, and blowing off all clippings.

What is included in your Monthly Service Agreement?

Your monthly maintenance plan has several benefits:

    • Weekly lawn maintenance (mowing, edging, trimming, and cleanup) from March until October then switch to bi-weekly service from October through March.
    • Four seasonal fertilizing treatments throughout the year.
    • Monthly trimming and shaping of existing shrubs front and back.
    • Monthly flower-bed turnover and clean-out.
    • One winter cut back on all perennials in January
    • Four Leaf clean-ups October, November, December, and January.

Any additional services requested will be out of scope. This is a year service agreement due to some services being below cost at certain times of the year.

Do you have a calendar for recommended services?

These are our general recommendations. If your lawn needs extra care, we will notify you of further recommendations.

    • Fertilize - Once every 3 months or once every season (fall, spring, winter, summer)
    • Lawn Aeration - March
    • Planting trees, plants, flowers, etc - February or March
    • Weed treatments- as needed; as soon as you see weeds popping up, schedule this service to prevent needing more than one treatment
    • Sod installation- February thru May
    • Tree trimming- October thru June (not good during high heat index)
    • Plant trimming- cutting back plants after winter- February

Any additional services requested will be out of scope. This is a year service agreement due to some services being below cost at certain times of the year.

What is Pre-emergence Treatment?

Simply put, Pre-Emergence a weed preventative for your lawn. It works by stopping weed growth even before it begins by applying a special "pre-emergence weed control barrier" into the soil. Once the weeds start to grow, they hit that barrier die. Tackling the weeds before they take root gives much greater weed control than waiting to fight them once they have already arrived.

Help my lawn has big yellow patches. What could be the cause?

Could be chinch bugs. They are very small insects, that can wreak serious damage on your lawn if not controlled. St. Augustine grass is the main type of grass that falls prey to destructive insects, but they have been known to affect other lawn grasses such as zoysia, centipede, and bermudagrass.

Chinch bugs prefer the hot and dry areas of your lawn and pose the most problem from late spring through fall. Adult chinch bugs are about 1/5 of an inch long and have a black body and white wings with triangular black marks on each wing. If you notice expanding, irregular patches of yellow-stunted grass in your lawn, you need to check for these pests and the best way to check for them is with this simple little test. Just hammer an empty coffee can that is open at both ends 1 inch into the soil beneath stunted areas and add water. The chinch bugs should float to the top within about 5 minutes.   If you feel your yard has a disease or infestation, call Grass Works and we will check it out and treat the problem for you.

I have a pet locked in the backyard. What is your policy on this?

Any area that has a locked gate or an unsecured animal will not be worked on and the customer will still owe the full price for a regular visit.
While we won’t work around unsecured animals or attempt to enter a property that is locked, we will, however, maintain the remainder of the property.
Grass Works Lawn Care suggests combination locks and securing your animals on scheduled maintenance days. This way we will be able to take care of the yard for you.

What if your crew breaks something in my yard?

If Grass Works Lawn Care damages your property, it is our intention to make it right. Please address all damaged property issues to

What if I need to cancel?

If scheduled maintenance needs to be canceled by the patron for any reason, the cancellation must be submitted to Grass Works Lawn Care via email five days before scheduled service.

Can you just mow and clean up my yard one time?

While we do accept "single-visit" customers, they will not be given preference over our regular customers’ scheduling.

What if I am unhappy with the quality of work?

If the customer is not satisfied with our work, we will address the issue and attempt to correct the problem free of charge to the customer.

How am I billed and when is my payment due?

All Invoices are sent via email to the customer. Customers must pay the invoice within 15 days from the date of service.

What if it rains on my scheduled mowing day?

While we can’t work in severe rain, we will continue to work in light rain. If needed, we will pause until the rain has stopped and then will continue our work unless the ground is too saturated.
Days that are missed because of rain will be made up during the remaining business days during that workweek. If that is not possible the mowing day will be made upon a Saturday in most cases.

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