Irrigation System Installations

Grass Works Installs & Repairs Sprinkler Systems in the Austin Area and surrounding areas. Grass Works is licensed by the State of Texas: #LI19556

New Residential and Commercial Irrigation System Installations

We proudly use Hunter Irrigation products for new residential and commercial installations.  Hunter products are reliable commercial grade and set the industry standard for quality.  

Grass Works’ focus is to develop innovative, professional and efficient irrigation. We use proven water-saving products which combine efficient water use with sustainable design, allowing your landscapes to last for years in outdoor environments. Grass Works irrigation installations will save you money and protect your landscape investment.

We install the follow irrigation systems:

  • Drip Irrigation
  • Spray/Rotor (Common)
  • Tree Soakers
  • Tree Gator Soakers

We offer 1 year warranties on all of our parts and a 30 day warranty on labor. 

100% Coverage using 20%-30% less water saves you money!

Residential and Commercial Irrigation Repair and Service

Whether it’s repairing just 1 sprinkler head, controller programming, or troubleshooting non-working sprinkler zones for faulty valves and wires, we will fix your sprinkler & irrigation issues.  Our experienced technicians can audit your system to find and repair any issues and restore functionality.

We also offer Spring tune ups to ensure your irrigation system is running as efficiently as possible. Irrigation winterization services are also available for your upon request.

Pool Retro

Let’s face it, it gets hot in Texas.  A new pool can be something you’ve dreamed of, however, it can be a nightmare on your irrigation system.  If you’ve recently installed a pool, contact Grass Works today for your pool retro service. 

Many times pool companies come in like a bull in a china shop and wreak havoc on your irrigation system during the excavation stage.  LIttle care is taken to avoid or cap irrigation lines which, oftentimes, can lead to expenses down the road when it comes to repairing the system post install.  Grass Works has extensive experience in repairing sprinkler systems and retrofitting them to fit new beds after pool construction. We always do our best to keep costs down so you can enjoy your oasis without worrying over water.

Contact us now for a free estimate on a new Sprinkler System or for repairs of your existing system.