Core Aeration

Let Your Roots Breathe

In our lives, we entertain on our lawns, send our children to play on the lawn and generally walk on our lawns quite frequently. Over time, these factors, along with the natural forces of nature, cause soil to become compacted.

A compacted lawn means that the oxygen and nutrients that your sod needs to thrive will have trouble penetrating the soil to reach the roots where they can be easily absorbed. Core Aeration is the process of extracting finger sized plugs of soil from your yard which, in turn, lets your soil breathe and hydrate, stimulating root growth and enhancing nutrient and water intake.  This will also encourage roots to grow deeper and become more drought tolerant. 

Your lawn is the first impression you make to your guests and your neighbors and is also a major influencer in the overall value of your home. If you want to meet the demands of today’s home buyers, good curb appeal is a must and lawn aeration should be on the top of your lawn care list.

Grass Works Austin recommends you have your lawn aerated at least once a year.

Golf Course Secret

Wouldn’t you love to have a lawn as beautiful as a golf course? One of the secrets of golf clubs is they aerate their lawn at least twice a year.

Golf club managers know aerating is a quick and economical way to improve lawn health and save money by reducing runoff. Water can more easily penetrate to the roots of sod in aerated lawns so you will water less and have less runoff.  It’s a win-win!