4 Ways To Enjoy Your Lawn This Winter

Winter will be here before we know it, which in Central Texas means cooler yet still pleasant temperatures. While fall and spring are typically the best times to complete major lawn care maintenance and projects such as fertilization, there are lots of reasons to keep your yard clean and slightly throughout the winter. There are lots of ways you can enjoy your yard in cooler temperatures, too!  Below we look at four great ways to take advantage of being outside in the coming months of the year.

Host A Backyard Bonfire

When temperatures start to drop, there’s nothing better than sitting around a warm bonfire with friends or family. Texas’ mild climate means bonfires can be enjoyed most anytime throughout the winter months, as it’s never really too cold to be outdoors. Many homes have fire pits built right into their backyard, whether it be in the midst of a sprawling area of land or a more compact space built into a deck. If a fire pit isn’t currently part of your home, it’s an easy feature that can be built into a landscaping plan.

Decorate For The Holidays

The holiday season is synonymous with lights and other bright yard ornaments. In Texas we have the luxury of hanging lights outside when it’s not absolutely freezing, meaning we may spend more time and energy on our displays as we aren’t shivering nor under the time crunch of an impending snow storm. It’s also easier to spend time outside and enjoy the lights since temperatures are good. Holiday decorations will look great on a variety of trees and plants, and can even be added to landscaping beds. Of course, manicured plants that are healthy and trimmed will make it easier for you to hang lights and keep your yard and displays looking tidy.

Rake Leaves

Autumn brings with it dry and falling leaves, which can cause a bit of a mess for any yard. Whether you opt to clean up your yard and rake the leaves yourself, or prefer to hire a professional to do it, raking isn’t just a fun way to create a pile for the kids to jump into – it’s an essential activity. Raking dead and fallen leaves ensures your grass and plants enjoy access to sunlight throughout the winter, and that they aren’t weighed down by dead leaves or heavy debris. A clear lawn during winter will lead to better health and appearance come spring. 

Have A Campout

Texas hill country offers some breathtaking views of the night sky. Grab some chairs or blankets and head outside to take in the amazing stars and scenery and enjoy the fresh air of nature. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can even pitch a tent and host a campout in your own backyard. Of course, laying outside if your yard is most comfortable when the lawn is flat and clear of any debris like tree branches, dead leaves, or other clutter.


There are so many ways to enjoy your lawn and outdoor areas year round. Enjoy a clean and safe lawn all year round – Contact Grassworks for a consultation on how we can get your yard into shape today! 

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