April is the Perfect Time for Planting Native Plants

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April is the Perfect Time for Planting Native Plants

The Austin and Central Texas areas, known for a fairly dry and hot climate, support many native species of plants, from trees and shrubs to flowers. That is why April is the perfect time for planting native plants. The hot summers make it an ideal location for drought tolerant species of plants. When planning your garden, it is important to try to focus on plants that are heat tolerant and that can survive this harsh climate. The summer’s heat can be quite hard for some varieties of plants, so it is important to choose ones that are best suited to the conditions. Similarly, it is important to pick plants for your garden that require minimal watering because of the lack of rain in the summer months, the lack of water available for watering gardens during the hottest months due to drought water restrictions we frequently encounter.

Native plants are a great option for gardeners and homeowners that are looking for drought tolerant and low maintenance plants. Choosing to plant native species has a positive impact on the ecosystem as well. When you choose native species to plant in your garden, you help to preserve the natural ecosystem in the area by adding naturally occurring plants that can provide habitat for animals and wildlife that are in the area. Native plants also have a much higher chance of surviving and flourishing in your garden because they are adapted to the climate and require minimal care in order to survive. Planting species that are native to the area also means that you will not have to fertilize or use chemicals to keep pests back because they have already adapted their own mechanisms for survival.

April showers bring May flowers!

It’s true! The month of April is the perfect time to start your garden or add to it. The Central Texas area has a higher rainfall during the month of April, and the temperature is usually milder during this time since it is spring. Planting during April is advisable because it gives the plants some time to adjust to being newly planted and allows their root systems to mature before the hotter months begin. And we all know how hot it can get get during the Texas summers!

Grass Works Austin has the experience and expertise to help you pick and plant native plants that will flourish in your garden and landscape.

Some of the most popular native plants we use are:

Mexican sage

For a full list of Central Texas Native Plants see this link from the City of Austin: https://austintexas.gov/department/grow-green/plant-guide

To keep up to date on current water restriction see the LCRA site here: http://www.lcra.org/water/water-supply/water-supply-contracts/Pages/water-use-restrictions.aspx

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