Austin Lawn Sprinkler Maintenance – Summer is Coming!

Sprinkler systems need to be maintained and monitored during the summer months. In Texas, it is not unusual to see sprinklers running in the heat of the day, which wastes water, can hurt the grass, and can cause the system to break down.

You should regularly inspect your sprinkler system for leaks and malfunctions. Sometimes, just a sprinkler head needs adjusting or replacing but other times the PVC pipes may need to be replaced or the power/control wires could be damaged. This often happens from tree root damage or if a contractor was digging in your yard recently(such as the cable company.) Most recently, we have started seeing damage from the Winter Storm from February 2021 where we saw temperatures dip as low as 5F.

A broken sprinkler head or a pipe burst can cause serious harm to your landscaping by flooding it. Secondly, it could also cause damage to your home if the water leak is not controlled in time.

You should water your lawn in the morning or evening as this will reduce water use, which will eventually save money on your water bill. Local city and county drought ordinances may dictate how many and which days you can water your lawn during the peak summer months.

If you don’t have the time to repair your sprinkler system, Grass Works installs & repairs sprinkler systems in the Austin area and we are licensed by the State of Texas: #LI19556. Whether it’s fixing just 1 sprinkler head, programming irrigation controllers, or troubleshooting non-working sprinkler zones, we will fix your sprinkler & irrigation issues. We work with Hunter, Rainbird, & Rachio irrigation systems just to name a few.

Just don’t wait until it is too late your grass is scorched from the Texas heat!

Grass Works Sprinkler and Irrigation Services

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