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Best Colorful Flowers For Your Central Texas Garden

Spring is here, which means lots of time outdoors and in our backyards. What better way to enjoy the spring and fresh air than by doing a bit of gardening? Gardening is a great project for the whole family, which allows for bonding, creativity, and is even shown to boost mood and happiness. Even better, it allows you to stay close to home and provides a good outlet for energy. If you’re hoping to get into gardening, you’ll want to pick the perfect plants for your personal taste and style. 

Gardening can be a bit of a challenge in Central Texas due to high temperatures, dry soil and tendency for drought, but it can also be successful and fun – you just need to know what to plant for the best results! Below we look at a few of our favorite, most colorful flowers that are a great choice for any central Texas garden.

6 Favorite Flowers To Plant in Central Texas

The following flowers, shrubs and plants work well in Texas’ hot climate, and are also guaranteed to bring a pop of color and unique look to any garden or outdoor space. 

Black Eyed Susans

These iconic yellow flowers have a dark center, and will bring some bright and cheery color to any garden. Black Eyed Susans are perennials and bloom throughout the summer. They can grow as tall as 1-2 feet high.

Best Colorful Flowers For Your Central Texas Garden 1

Rock Rose

The Rock Rose is one of the more delicate flowers that grows well in central Texas, with a bright pink or purple color and growing as high as 2 feet. This small, native shrub grows in a variety of soil conditions and does well in full sun or part-shade areas. It has even been known to attract butterflies, which brings more life and color to your garden!

Best Colorful Flowers For Your Central Texas Garden 2

Red Yucca

Red yucca plants are a popular choice in Texas, due to their bright color and heartiness. These tall, bright red flowering succulents grow on stalks and will introduce a large dose of color into any garden. Red Yucca bloom throughout the summer, are tolerant to drought, and can grow up to 6 feet high with minimal maintenance! The flowers often attract hummingbirds and bees, too.

Best Colorful Flowers For Your Central Texas Garden 3

Damianita Daisy (Chrysactinia Mexicana)

A species from the sunflower family, this “daisy” is actually a small evergreen shrub but is a delicate and bright addition to any garden space.

Best Colorful Flowers For Your Central Texas Garden 4

Texas Sage 

Sage is another popular choice for the Texas heat as its name implies. There are many sage varieties most of which are quite tolerant to drought. While sage can come in many colors, Texas Sage is characterized by flowers in beautiful shades of lavender or purple. Texas sage is hardy and drought tolerant, and even blooms on and off all year offering persistent color.

Best Colorful Flowers For Your Central Texas Garden 5


Hill Country Penstemon

This flower is often referred to as Scarlet Beardtongue, and is a perennial herb that is able to survive in low light and dry soil. It attracts pollinators to the yard (for example, hummingbirds and butterflies), and offers stunning color.

Best Colorful Flowers For Your Central Texas Garden 6


All of these beautiful flowers are sure to bring a pop of color to your garden! If you want to get some flowers growing but don’t want to DIY, don’t worry – Grassworks can help get you started. 


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