Don’t DIY: 5 Reasons To Hire A Lawn Care Professional

When it comes to your lawn, there is a lot you can do on your own! DIY (do it yourself) is a great solution for many of life’s projects and tasks. It often has benefits such as cost-savings and a sense of accomplishment. But when it comes to lawn care, DIY is not always the best option for a variety of reasons.

If you’re deciding whether or not to hire a lawn care service or to just handle things yourself, this post is for you! Below, we share 5 reasons why hiring someone to take care of your lawn may be a great choice.

Benefits of Hiring A Professional Lawn Care Service

1. Save Money

While this may seem counterintuitive as in general many people turn to DIY in order to save money, when it comes to lawn care doing everything on your own actually may wind up costing you more than hiring someone. The reason for this is that the cost of purchasing professional equipment for various lawn care tasks is high – if you want to do things right, you’ll need much more than a mower! Additionally, supplies such as fertilizers can really add up, especially when purchased retail at a higher rate than for professionals buying in bulk. And, if you purchase the wrong product or make a mistake, you may wind up buying more than you anticipated.

2. Do It Right

Most things can be done yourself, but when it comes to your lawn professionals have the tools you need to get the job done the absolute best way. There’s a lot more to achieving your ideal lawn than just cutting the grass or watering the flowers, and some lawn care services are complex. From installing sod to fertilizing to aerating, a professional is an expert and can offer the following:

  • The best, latest and greatest equipment
  • Correct application methods and quantities for fertilizers and treatments
  • Knowledge of plants that will work (and not work) with your climate, soil type, and changing conditions such as rainfall
  • Knowledge of what treatments are needed for your specific lawn, as well as timing and quantity
  • Access to a variety of resources, plants, and equipment not available in a hardware store

A professional can quickly identify what needs to be right and get on the right track from the beginning, which help you see improvements and realize a better lawn quickly. By optimizing from the beginning you will ensure lasting success and beauty. Additionally, you can see those cost savings we mentioned above over time as less intense work has to be done once things are in order. As with many industries, no one knows as well as a local, experienced crew! 

3. Never Forget

While it’s hard to forget your lawn, you do look at it every day, after all, keeping it maintained can be slip off the radar or be deprioritized when life gets hectic. Was it 2 or 3 weeks since the grass was cut? Did you remember to water the plants? When exactly was the last fertilizer application? When you hire someone to help out, it’s our job to remember these things or you! A large part of a good lawn is routine maintenance, the correct trimming, irrigation, fertilizing, aeration and other services. It’s the professional’s job to remember and allow for optimal results year-round.

4. Make It Easy

Lawn care is not easy work. It has to be done outside, of course, which in central Texas often means in brutally hot temperatures. Furthermore, tasks that seem simple (for example, watering) have a tendency to take longer than it seems in your mind — especially if you’re not used to doing them all the time. Things like planting can be very labor intensive and challenging, and often projects change scope once you’ve started. When you hire someone else, you don’t have to worry about any of this as you leave all the details to the professionals. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the beauty, and maybe even the envy of your neighbors.

5. Get The Best Lawn Possible

As mentioned above, as professionals we know what to do and how to do it, meaning we can achieve the best possible results! This means your outdoor area will be green, lush, and beautiful all year round. We can customize services and programs for your unique needs and budget.  As with most things in life, hiring an expert is one way to ensure the job gets done the best possible way.

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