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Yard Cleanups

Don't let the weeds gain control of your yard, let Grass Works take care of all your Lawn and Clean Up needs!
New Mulch
Weed & Feed
Tree & Shrub Trimming
Lawn Mowing
Sod Installation & more!

We've been making Austin-Area lawns beautiful since 2007!

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Flower Bed Planting, Cleanup & Maintenance

Most of us want beautiful flower beds brimming with color, but not all of us are blessed with that "green" thumb or we simply don't have the time to upkeep the beds. Grass Works can create the garden of your dreams by preparing the beds, mulching, and planting so you will be able to burst with pride when you look at the beauty of your garden.

Mulching is one the easiest things you can do to your flower beds that provide a lot of bang for the buck. It improves soil texture, suppresses weeds, and conserves water. Mulching your beds is relatively inexpensive and provides your beds with a tidy and well-manicured look.

With Grass Works On Your Team, You Will Love Your Flower Beds and Yard




Just let us know how you want your flower beds to look and Grass Works will get to work on putting together a plan that will exceed your wildest dreams. Once we get your flowers and plants into the ground, we meticulously maintain them throughout the year ensuring excellent health and beauty.

We take care of all the planting and maintenance so you won't have to find yourself bent over on the ground getting sore knees or getting an aching back trying to dig up our Cedar Park (Central Texas) rock. Let Grass Works create and maintain the beds and you just sit back and take all the compliments with pride.


There is nothing like a garden bursting with beautiful color from flowers in bloom. You can't help but smile when you walk or drive past a yard that is in gorgeous bloom. Flowers provide enjoyment for the homeowner and all the neighbors and passers-by.

Most of us stay within the lines. But there is no need to have your flowers relegated to standard flower beds. We can create areas of interest and accents throughout your yard and along your paths so a walk through your backyard will literally be a relaxing getaway.

A study by researchers at Rutgers University determined that there is a link between flowers and our emotional health. Another study at Harvard University determined that people feel more happy and energetic in the morning when they view flowers. So imagine having a nice walk through your flower garden before you start your day.

Let Grass Works Austin help you with flower beds. Serving the Cedar Park, Leander, Round Rock, Pflugerville and NW Austin area with exemplary lawn maintenance services.

About Grass Works

Grass Works Lawn Care is a locally grown company. Being local gives us an advantage when it comes to understanding the unique properties of our Central Texas soil and the types of plants that will thrive here in our area.

You can rest assured when we install your plants and flowers, that they will be plants that work for our area.

For General Cleanup work, we can give you an hourly rate for our cleanup crew to work better within your budget.

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