Holiday Lawn Decoration Tips

The holidays are right around the corner, which for many means a time to show off your creativity — and your lawn! From lights, to holiday displays, decorations, the wintertime often includes a lot of outdoor activity and decoration. Here at Grassworks, we’re dedicated to keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful no matter what time of year.

To help you get ready for this holiday season, we’re sharing three fun ideas for lawn decoration tips and spruce up outdoor areas this winter. All with a reminder that holiday displays look best when set up on lawns which are well-maintained, of course!

Ways To Deck Your Lawn This Holiday Season

1. Dress Up A Succulent

From cactus to aloe, succulents are prevalent in central Texas both in the wild and as a popular addition to home landscaping designs. While traditionally evergreens or fir trees are strung with lights, why not take a Texas spin on things and decorate your succulent instead? For larger plans try stringing lights from the top down or around the plant. For tiny succulents, try adding fairy lights and sprinkling a bit of glitter. If you’re feeling inspired, you can even hang some ornaments from the waxy leaves.

2. Make A Not-So-Snowy Snowman

While snow may be in short supply, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on enjoying winter’s quintessential creature. There are lots of ways to make a snowman without the snow — from creating a snowman out of wood, to spray painting and stacking old tires and adding some clothes. Your snowman will last longer than the weather does, and will look great against your well-maintained healthy winter lawn.

3. Invest In An Inflatable

What better way to show your spirit than with some giant, holiday-themed inflatables in your yard? From reindeer to santas to snowman (and much more), these decorations have become increasingly popular over the years. Inflatables are a fun and easy addition to any winter lawn display, and are sure to grab attention. Inflatables can be placed anywhere on a flat, even lawn. Just be sure to care for your lawn after they are removed – if you leave the inflatable too long it could damage the grass or make a yellow patch!


We hope you have a safe and healthy new year! And your lawn will thank you, too.

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