How and When to Apply Post-Emergent to Your Lawn in Texas

How and When to Apply Post-Emergent to Your Lawn in Texas

No one likes pesky weeds in their yard. They lessen your curb appeal and make it look like you haven’t cared for your lawn. You may find some relief if you know when to apply post-emergent to your lawn in Texas. But what is a post-emergent herbicide, and how does it help your lawn?   

What Is a Post-Emergent Herbicide? 

Post-emergent herbicides slow down the growth of emerging weeds. They are called post-emergent because they’re used on weeds that have already sprouted and, when used correctly, can contain weed growth and prevent future problems. In contrast, pre-emergents are used before any signs of weed growth appear.    

Types of Post-Emergents 

Post-emergent herbicides are available as systemic and contact applications. 

Systemic chemicals are used yearly on weeds due to their absorption into the plant. A systemic herbicide moves throughout the weed to provide the best killing action. In contrast, contact post-emergents kill the part of the plant in plain view and are best used on annuals or smaller weeds.      

Post-emergent herbicides are also divided into selective and non-selective categories. Selective chemicals target weeds in areas where grass cannot be avoided. Non-selective herbicides are used in open areas to provide a broader form of control.  

When to Apply Post-Emergent to Your Lawn in Texas  

Because weeds absorb chemicals better in their early stages, post-emergent herbicides generally work best when applied to young weeds. However, in addition to any directions provided on the product you choose, when to apply post-emergent in Texas also depends on several other factors:

Weather Conditions 

It’s best to apply post-emergent in good weather conditions. When they are sprayed in poor weather, like wind or rain, the chances of the herbicide scattering to other plants and flowers increase. 


The morning dew adds an element of beauty to your lawn, but it doesn’t do anything for a post-emergent herbicide. For a chemical to be the most effective, you must wait until the moisture evaporates. Otherwise, the potency of the herbicide weakens, making it less effective.   


Post-emergent should not be applied on days with extreme temperatures. The ideal temperature is 85 degrees or less. Anything higher will reduce the efficacy of the post-emergent. 


Early to late spring is the best time to apply post-emergent to your lawn in Texas. As spring turns into summer and the temperatures increase, your property may need to receive more than one application to eliminate all the weeds. 

pH Level of the Soil  

Post-emergents work best when the soil has the correct pH level. A soil test kit will ensure your lawn is ready for you to apply the herbicide and increase the chances of it working.  

Applying Post-Emergent Herbicides 

A post-emergent herbicide is applied in two ways: spot or blanket treatments.

Spot Treatments 

Spot treatments are ideal for yards with a few weeds, especially along the sidewalk or driveway. Using liquid post-emergents for spot treatments can save time and money but require a stable hand. You’ll need a sprayer, but most liquid herbicides come with this tool. 

Follow the directions carefully for mixing the weed killer and water. Spray the spot treatment directly on the infiltrating weed and continue on to the next weed until they’ve all been covered.   

Blanket Treatments 

A blanket treatment works best for lawns heavily invaded by weeds. You can choose a granular or liquid herbicide, but they have different application methods. Granular post-emergents require using a wheelbarrow, while liquid herbicides need a sprayer tool.  

The post-emergent gets sprayed or spread by moving back and forth over the entire property. An even layer of herbicide must get sprayed across your yard to be effective. 

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