Landscaping 101: From Flowers To Trees

Landscaping is an important element of your yard, adding a unique touch to any property. Landscaping and flower beds can provide color, compliment the look of your home, and even provide some privacy. Landscaping can take various forms – from trees to shrubs to flowers, and even rocks and decomposed granite! What you pick for your yard will all depend on the space available and your personal style.

Below we take a look at some common types of plants used in home landscaping, to provide some inspiration.


Flowers are a key element of much landscaping, providing color.

Annuals: Plans with a one-season life cycle. These usually include colorful flowers, which die after they bloom. Some examples of popular annuals include marigolds, begonias, zinnia, impatiens, and petunia just to name a few.

Perennials: Plants that live for 2 years or more. These are part of most landscaping projects, as they add color to any flower bed and also mix in well with the annuals mentioned above. Perennials include daisies, ferns, lavender, yarrow and much more.

Biennials: These plants, as their name implies, live for two years. Their first year they grow foliage (leaves), and the second they flower. A lot of biennials are actually vegetables, so likely these won’t be a main component of your landscaping beds (but will be very prevalent in say, a garden).

Bulbs: Bulbs are a type of flower that are easy to grow and generally colorful. Think tulips and daffodils.

Trees + Shrubs

Evergreens: Plants that retain their leaves around the year, and stay green even in winter (as the name implies). For example a tree varieties popularly used for Christmas trees. There are also some shrubs in this category which are ideal candidates for landscaping beds.

Deciduous Trees: Trees that shed their leaves each season. Although we often think of landscaping as flower beds, trees are often a core component of a landscaping design and can be placed strategically on your property. They require a bit of patience while growing, of course!

Shrubs: Shrubs are small and can be thought of as bushes. They are a good choice for planting in landscaping and gardening, as well as creating a wall or natural barrier due to their density. These plants need a bit of upkeep, trimming to be exact, which Grassworks can help with, too.

Other Elements

Rocks: Technically not a plant, of course, but rocks and other materials such as our popular decomposed granite are often components of landscaping. Requiring no upkeep and offering a unique look, adding natural elements is a popular choice.

Succulents: Especially popular in hotter, drier climates (yes, this includes Texas), succulents are often included in landscaping and gardens. Succulents are generally hardy and require little care, and also add a unique look to any flower bed.  

Thinking of getting some landscaping added to your yard and not sure where to start? Want to spruce up your existing flower beds or have them edged? Grassworks can help! Whether you want new landscaping, an upgrade, or simply need a summer clean up, we offer a variety of services designed to help keep your yard looking amazing!


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