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Landscaping Services & Makeovers

Decomposed Granite Installation


This is one of our yards where we added decomposed granite. The neat thing about decomposed granite is the natural look and feel. Used for paths, game areas and larger landscape projects, a big benefit of decomposed granite is that it does not absorb heat like concrete or asphalt and makes wonderful natural looking paths in your yard that are also nice to walk on. Drainage with decomposed granite is also excellent. Contact us for your free estimate.

Flower Bed Installations & Maintenance

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Flower Beds add so much impact and pizzazz to our lawns. Most of us love flower beds but not so much the back-breaking work it takes to get a beautiful flower bed installed. Not to worry. Grass Works Austin can install flower beds for you. We also will add mulch to your existing beds, keeping them fresh and beautiful and better able to hold their moisture. And you may just get an additional treat! Seems like birds and butterflies love flowers too!

Planting Native Plants and Trees

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Does your yard need trees? There is an art to tree planting. You have to have the right tree in the right space and start it off with the right nutrients. If you are going to be spending money on adding trees and bushes, don't take a chance of wasting your money. Call Grass Works for a free estimate on adding trees and bushes to your yard. Grass Works Austin's Landscaping Services can help you get your new trees off to a good start.

Sod Installation

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Is your yard a barren desert that needs to have sod installed or maybe there are just sections of your yard that need a little extra help? Grass Works Austin's Landscaping services can prepare your yard and install new sod to give your lawn a fresh start.

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