Lawn Care Tips For Winter

How Much Should You Water Grass In The Texas Winter?

Winter will be here before we know it! While it’s true your lawn doesn’t need quite as much maintenance or attention during the cooler months, there are still some things you should do to take care of it. Lawn care tips for winter can help guarantee it stays healthy and strong year-round and set you up for success (and beautiful green grass) come spring.

Let Your Lawn Breath

In general, it’s beneficial to aerate your lawn before the first frost hits. While we don’t always get these frosts in central Texas, they do happen and it’s good to be prepared. Aerating before temperatures dip down can be beneficial to your lawn’s overall health. Aeration, or removal of small dirt “plugs” from your lawn, allows for air to flow through and for your lawn to “breath. It also addresses any compacted dirt resulting from all that time you spent enjoying your lawn over the summer.

Feed Your Lawn

After aeration, the next thing you can do to a winter lawn is fertilized. Fertilizing while the grass is still growing before your lawn goes totally dormant in winter is important. Nutrients are especially needed at this time of year, as they give your lawn a burst of what it needs to survive the winter months. Fertilizing with essential nutrients before the cold hits will help it get through the harsh winter months.

Pick Up Leaves

Clean up leaves, branches, or any other debris you have in your lawn. Although fall leaves are beautiful and fun, they can also be harmful to your lawn. Dead debris and natural material sitting on the grass all winter is not good for your yard and can lead to dead spots or weak, unsightly patches. Ensure you tidy up your yard this winter and keep it clear.

Lower The Mower

While it is important to keep your lawn trimmed in advance of the winter months, it’s equally important to pay attention to the length you are trimming. Grass should be cut down a bit shorter than in the summer because in the same way leaves or debris can harm the grass so can long, overhanging blades. A well-trimmed lawn will also stop animals such as mice and other burrowers from attempting to seek shelter in your yard.

Think Before You Walk

Grass that is brown, dry, or dead in winter is more easily damaged than lush green spring or summer lawn — although this may be counterintuitive. When you’re out and about in your yard this winter, make sure to respect your lawn and its more fragile, seasonal state. Avoid excessive walking around on the lawn, and take care not to trample anything.

Not sure what you need to do to get your grass in winter shape? Not sure when colder temperatures start to impact lawns in Texas?

Contact Grassworks today for a consultation or routine maintenance. We will assess your lawn and ensure it’s in its best operating condition in advance of these cool months!

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