Open for Business: Creating an Impression with Commercial Lawn Care

Your business is your livelihood, and when it comes to making a decision there are many factors that go into how a potential customer views your business and determines whether or not to hire or buy from you. Although much of your reputation is built on the products and services you offer, your appearance, or how the business looks on the outside, is also important. 

From the style of your logo, to your packaging, to the way your employees dress, to the inside of your store or office, looks do matter. This includes the area outside your workplace, and the appearance of natural elements and the parking lot leading up to your office building can say a lot about you as a company and the services you offer. 

If your lawn is a mess (for example, dead or patchy grass, trash in the parking area, a lack of landscaping), you may be sending the wrong message to clients — even if lawn care has nothing to do with your business! A messy exterior may subconsciously make people think the same of your services, so paying attention to your lawn is a must.

3 Reasons For Commercial Lawncare


1: Make A  Good Impression 

In the retail industry, the first impression a prospective customer gets of your business if often when they approach the facade, or outside, of your store. Make sure this first impression is a good one with a neat, clean and maintained lawn. The same applies to an office building; prospective clients arriving for meetings or presentations will begin assessing you right away by looking at your facilities from the moment they exit the car.

2: Reflect Your Service Quality

Just as quality packaging or neat presentation of goods is an indication of the quality and care going into the product, a quality commercial exterior is indication that you care about your business and customer. Your office is an extension of your brand and product, and as it’s often the first touchpoint for a customer it’s a lot more important than you may think. Showing care and attention to detail – even something like landscaping – indicates you will do the same for client needs.

3: Increase Property Value

Having a nice lawn increases the value of your home, and having a maintained commercial property can increase the value of this investment. Everything from the grounds to the parking area to the trees to the backyard are fair game, and keeping things maintained will help to enhance your proerty’s investment and value. 

Commercial Care Services

Commercial care services are encompassing, and include a variety of things from standard mowing, blowing and trash cleanup. Commercial care services also cover landscaping, shrubs and beds, and preventative services such as fertilizing. Keep your business impressive inside and out – learn more about our commercial lawn services today!

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