Palisades Zoysia Grass Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Palisades Zoysia Grass Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Living in Central Texas means dealing with heat and droughts that can lead to brown, dead grass. Homeowners who want a lush, green lawn need grass that can withstand the blazing temperatures. Palisades Zoysia grass is a warm-season grass that thrives in Texas.

It is low-maintenance and doesn’t require as much watering, mowing, or fertilization. However, it still needs basic maintenance to maintain its beauty. 

What Is Palisades Zoysia Grass? 

Palisades Zoysia is a sod grass that does excellent in warm weather. It is a popular choice for landscaping because of its fine texture, shade tolerance, and ability to resist heavy foot traffic. 

This grass is suitable for warm-weather areas with partial light because Palisades Zoysia continues to grow in shade and has a dark green appearance. It has a deep root structure that helps it find nutrients and water deeper in the soil. 

As a low-maintenance grass variety, it requires less upkeep than other species. Palisades Zoysia requires less water, which positively impacts your water bill. Additionally, it grows slower than several varieties, meaning you’ll spend less time in the sun mowing it. 

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Palisades Zoysia Lush 

With adequate knowledge regarding the care of this species, you can cultivate a beautiful lawn of Palisades Zoysia grass. Follow these maintenance tips to keep it looking fresh. 


Although you can go for longer stretches without mowing, you’ll want to keep your grass at a reasonable height. You can keep your lawn height between one and three inches by mowing approximately every two to three days. Frequent mowing promotes density through increased lateral growth. 

When mowing during the summer, remember to observe the one-third rule. You should never remove more than one-third of the leaf blade at a time. 

Fertilization and Weed Control 

Palisades Zoysia requires three to four pounds of nitrogen per thousand square feet yearly. If yours has too much nitrogen from over-fertilization, it can trigger lawn problems. Your lawn may become infested with Brown Patch fungal disease and grub worms.  

The best way to keep your area weed-free is to keep your grass and soil healthy. By incorporating pre-emergent herbicides into your lawn care schedule, you can prevent weeds from appearing. However, some will still break through, requiring you to use post-emergent herbicides. But you should keep this to a minimum. 

Fungal Disease and Pest Control 

Diagnosing a lawn problem can be challenging because many present the same way. Most issues indicate a separate issue, like over or under-watering. Unfortunately, other problems can come from an insect or fungus. 

Some insects cause your grass to have irregular patches of dead grass. You can prevent these critters from taking over your lawn by ensuring it is efficiently irrigated. Limiting the use of lawn chemicals will make your lawn inviting to predator insects and minimize the number of insects that will destroy your grass. 

Fungal diseases cause your grass to become yellow or dark. Eventually, patches of turf may become thin. Maintaining good drainage will ensure your lawn doesn’t create the ideal environment for these diseases to grow. 

Palisades Zoysia Fertilizer and Soil Building Schedule 

Creating a schedule for your lawn maintenance will help you give the turf the care it needs. A sample maintenance schedule for lawns with Palisades Zoysia looks like this: 

  • February to March: Use a general 15-5-10 fertilizer to encourage vibrant green colorization 
  • Late March to Early April: Apply slow-release fertilizer 
  • May to Early June: Nothing  
  • Late June to Early July: Apply a slow-release fertilizer 
  • July to September: Add a conditioner to the soil to prevent fungal disease
  • October to November: Apply winterizing fertilizer 
  • Late October to Early November: Apply pre-emergent herbicide
  • December to January: Apply a biostimulant to encourage healthy soil building

With this schedule, you’ll have luscious, green turf despite the Texas heat.  

Keep Your Palisades Zoysia Lawn Looking Great

As you grow accustomed to caring for your Palisades Zoysia lawn, you’ll see the results of your dedication. Stay on top of your mowing schedule, apply herbicides as needed, and promptly diagnose fungal and insect infestations to keep your Palisades Zoysia grass healthy year-round. 

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