Signs It’s Time For Lawn Care Service

Keeping your lawn maintained is top of mind whenever you’re outside enjoying it, but it can be hard to know (or remember) when it’s time for lawn care service or when everything is in good shape. Of course, ongoing lawn care services will help keep things on schedule. But if you haven’t signed up for ongoing service, these tips will help you determine when it’s time to give your local provider a call. 

Things Are Getting Overgrown

If the grass is too long it might not only be unsightly, but could be harmful to your lawn. While actual length varies on climate and type of grass, a general rule is if your grass is long due to infrequent mowing it’s time to pay attention. This applies for your trees and shrubbery as well. If things start getting unkempt, it’s time to give your lawn care provider a call for a trim. Trimming plants and removing dead limbs helps keep them healthy and promotes growth. It also prevents dead pieces from littering the lawn and causing damage. 

You See Yellow or Brown Patches

Patches of grass which aren’t green can indicate different things, from disease, pests like chinch bugs, to a lack of nutrients or water. While it can be difficult to personally identify what exactly is causing these patches, a lawn care professional can help you figure out the cause and how to fix it. You might need a treatment, such as a pesticide or herbicide. Or you may need a fertilizer to promote growth, or an irrigation system to combat dryness. Or, maybe, you need something more. Regardless of the root cause, patches of grass that look dead or diseased are a sign that it’s time to seek care.

Seasons Are Changing

Like many things in nature, lawns change roughly along with the cyclical nature of the seasons. If you haven’t done anything to your lawn in a while, season shifts are a good time to pay it some attention and ensure it’s in healthy shape for the weather ahead. Many treatments are seasonal in nature, for example fertilizers are best applied at certain times of year, and dead branches often need to be cleaned up after winter, so the change of seasons is a perfect time to give a lawn care professional a call and find out what to do.

Unwieldy Weeds

When the weeds on your lawn are not under control, this is a major sign you need to give your lawn some attention. Weeds Aren’t only unsightly and pesky, they can be hugely damaging to your grass and landscaping if left unchecked. Weeds also compete for resources, such as water and nutrients, and can drain them from the areas of your lawn that need them and aren’t pests. 

More Signs  You Need Lawn Care Service

Other signs your lawn needs some attention include if your lawn is flooded, if you have a presence of pests or other bugs, and if your lawn is littered with debris of any sort. Not sure if you need a cleanup or to sign up for routine care? Contact us today to find out!

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