The Effects of Constant Weeds

The Ever Growing Presence of Weeds

Weeds are plants just trying to grow like anything else. They do not mean to be a menace or disturb the look of your lawn, they want a place to call their own. However, if weeds are allowed to continue they can do more damage than you might think.

Weeds can do damage beyond their physical appearance. And with all the bad reasons to not have them we hope you understand the importance to getting rid of them. 

Very unsightly – They grow fast. Almost 3 times as fast as real grass. This advance push, and different weeds at different heights, mean your lawn is never level length and wil constantly look in disarray. 

Spreads to neighbors yards – It’s not just about you. Weeds that get unruly will reproduce and populate in your neighbors lawn causing much more work for them. This is not just about the effects of the yard itself but may damage relationships as you have imposed more work, time, and money to your neighbors. 

Invite additional bugs and pests – Pests are attracted to many different kind of plants. The more variety of grass and weeds the more variety of pests and bugs that will be attracted and stay. This goes beyond the grass but flowers, bushes, and possible garden. By eradicating those weeds you reduce the amount of invited pests. t

Beat out the good grass for water and nutrients – It’s a competition with weeds. Weeds are going toe to toe with the grass in competing for valuable nutrients and water. 

May physically hard pets are humans – Sticker burrs, thorny plans, poisonous plants are some of the hazardous of allowing weeds to continue. Be sure to understand what your pet or family is walking on with the bare feet. 

Cause damage to lawn mowers or weed-eaters – Often overlooked is the often overgrown or thick weeds. These take a toll on maintenance to your machines that are forced to work harder on taller and thicker vegetation. 

Taking the time and energy now will save off a lot of work in the future. Not only will it produce a healthy lawn, but will bring a lot of satisfaction to you and your love ones to trust the ground underneath them. 


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