Tips on How to Maintain Your Lawn During The Summer

Grass and Soil Illustration

Summer time in the Austin Area can be extreme on your lawn! We often refer to July and August as SummerER as we see frequent triple digits days!

Just look at the forecast this week!

The typical homeowner struggles to maintain their lawn both financially and time consuming. The reality is Central Texas Summers are tough on your lawn!

Having been in business for almost 10 years now, I get to meet all sorts of people: home owners/ renters, property management companies, HOAs and Commercial Lawn clients. Some clients care a lot about their lawn and request total lawn packages(mostly homeowners and commercial). Others just want basic lawn service (such as renters). I meet and talk with clients during my walk through and after hearing their concerns almost every time and every day I get asked “What would you do Ferris?” Well… that depends on a lot of questions I have to ask the client without coming across as being pushy with sales or adding extras assuming funds are not an issue.

Here are 3 Tips on How to Maintain Your Lawn During The Summer that should help keep your lawn green:

1. Problem-Soil! Most new developments and new construction in the Austin area have minimal soil between the turf and limestone. This causes high heat stress in the summer and big time runoff during rain/irrigation times. Lack of nutrients/nitrogen/ potassium that fertilizers provide.

Solution– Add Texas Turf Mix/ Top Dressing to get the roots happy and build your lawn up to allow your grass to get comfortable.

2. Problem- Irrigation/Sprinklers! Almost all the troubled lawns have lackluster results without irrigation. Dried out lawn, dusty, compacted soil and small shrubs/trees.

Solution- Irrigate! Turn the lawn nice and green. There’s a night and day difference in irrigated landscapes vs. non-irrigated. Healthier lawn result and faster growing trees the neighbors will envy.

Image of Hunter Irrigation Pressure Regulated Sprinkler Body

3. Problem- Regular Lawn Maintenance. Seeing a well maintained lawn means fewer weeds, using lightweight commercial mulching mowers allowing potash to enter the soil. This also pertains to flowerbeds and shrubs. At least turning over the flowerbeds once and a month along with a good trim and shape on those shrubs.

Solution – Set up a total lawn care package(If you don’t have time to do it yourself)!

Try these 3 easy initial steps to maintain your healthy lawn and landscape in the Austin area! There’s plenty more advice we can share. Please contact us today!

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