3 Simple Ways To Make A Pet-Friendly Lawn

Get A Pet-Friendly Lawn

Pets are a great addition to every family, and bring a lot of happiness, fun, and love into our lives! When you have a pet, it’s likely you’ll spend a lot of time with them both in and outside of your home — meaning you will both be making use of your yard. Whether it’s just for a quick run outside to use the bathroom or for hours and hours of tug-of-war and fetch, your pet is sure to enjoy whatever type of lawn you have.

There are a few ways you can make sure your lawn is pleasant and safe for your pet all year round. Here’s what we recommend.

Fence It In To Be Pet-Friendly

Fencing can serve a variety of purposes, and many homeowners opt to build fences. Some fences are simply installed for aesthetic, or to be decorative. Others are intended as a barrier between your home and a neighbor’s house or built to add privacy between a lawn and a public space or a road. Others yet are used for safety, to ensure that children or pets don’t stray into the street, or to reduce noises in high-traffic areas. And, of course, some fences are built exclusively to provide a safe and secure spot for pets to enjoy the outdoors and do their business without having to be on a leash. For those who love being outside with their dog, adding a fence to your landscaping design plan is a great way to protect your pet and enjoy the outdoors worry-free. As an added benefit, you’ll even keep pests like deer out of your beautiful flower and plant beds. The 

Keep The Lawn Clean

In order for pets to enjoy your lawn safely, it’s important to keep your yard well-maintained. Keeping your lawn mowed and regularly cut ensures the grass is even and healthy, which will provide ample cover for pet-friendly running around. Fertilizing will keep the lawn pest-free and growing its most lush, keeping it a soft place for a pet to lay and reducing the risk of unwanted visitors making their way into your home. Maintaining your lawn will also ensure there are no major steep changes or grades, holes, or uneven patches to help keep your pet safe while running around.

Add Some Shade

Shade is important, especially in warmer climates with hot temperatures. If your pet spends a lot of time outdoors, providing a spot for them to cool off from the brutal sun is essential. Adding some shade – whether in the form of trees or tall shrubbery – is a positive way to do so on any lawn. A shady spot will provide a place for your pet to rest, and enable them to stay cool and comfortable in the hot months. It will also provide some shelter in the rain, and serve as a nice spot you can both enjoy together. Additionally, pruning and maintaining the trees you have will help them continue to grow healthy and tall for years to come.


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