Wonderful Water – All About Irrigation

Summer is nearly here, and in Austin, Texas that means hot temperatures…and dry lawns and crops. It’s essential to keep your precious grass and landscaping watered so it can thrive. Whether you’re looking to keep your lawn green and beautiful (and the envy of your neighbors), ensure the health of your newly planted landscaping/flower garden, maintain a commercial property where appearances are important, keep your valuable crops alive, or meet any other purpose, our irrigation services keep you green.

GrassWorks offers a variety of irrigation and sprinkler solutions, all designed to keep your vegetation alive while also keeping efficiency – of both water and the environment – in mind. There is no better time than now to install a new sprinkler systems, or make repairs and updates to your existing system. GrassWorks offers a wide variety of sprinkler systems for both residential and commercial uses, and we can even assess your situation and help determine which system is right for you!

Below we dive in to some of the most popular and effective irrigation solutions we offer.

Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation is an irrigation method that refers to applying small amounts of water slowly and evenly over a designated area. Drip irrigation delivers water to a plant’s roots slowly, by dropping small amounts of water into the soil either on the surface or slightly below it. Water is delivered through a series of pipes and valves, and fertilizer can also be applied using this method.

Spray/Rotor Irrigation

Spray or rotor irrigation refers to what is more commonly known as a sprinkler system, generally a plastic head piece attached to a hose that sprays water. Think of that “tick tick tick” sound you hear when the sprinkler is going around – this is a type of spray/rotor system! Water can come out of a spray head, or small nozzle. There are a variety of patterns and speeds available that go in various directions and distances, and both rotate and remain stationary. Or it can be distributed through a rotor, which works by, you guessed it, rotating, and distributing streams of water back/forth in circles. These systems offer bursts of water, and can have one or several streams.

Tree Soaker

A tree soaker delivers water to trees or other large plants. It resembles a hose, except it varies because it’s porus and drips water across the entire length to deliver water slowly and closely to the desired area. It is a steady stream of water, offering ongoing support to whatever you are trying to keep hydrated. It’s a reliable method of ground-level irrigation, and also saves vegetation from fungus as it keeps the upper parts of plants dry because it only touches their roots.

Tree Gator Soakers

Treegator is a leader in irrigation systems, with their pioneer product the “Slow Release Watering Bag,” a slow-release watering bag for new or established trees smaller in size. This bag wraps around a tree to deliver consistent and quantity water to your plants. As it continuously waters the area over a period of 5-9 hours, it saves water and eliminates loss from runoff or evaporation. It goes below the surface, promoting strong root growth, and combating drought and transplant shock.

Not sure what kind of irrigation system is best for you? That’s what we are here for! Get in touch and we’ll help you both select and install the sprinkler or irrigation system that is right for you.

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