Author: Ferris MyCue

Landscaping 101: From Flowers To Trees

Landscaping is an important element of your yard, adding a unique touch to any property. Landscaping and flower beds can provide color, compliment the look of your home, and even provide some privacy. Landscaping can…

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The Grass Really IS Greener: Lawn Care Maintenance Tips

Your lawn and landscaping are the first things people see when they look at your home, and you’ve likely invested a lot of time and money into them. While in a dream world we could…

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Wonderful Water – All About Irrigation

Summer is nearly here, and in Austin, Texas that means hot temperatures…and dry lawns and crops. It’s essential to keep your precious grass and landscaping watered so it can thrive. Whether you’re looking to keep…

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The Effects of Constant Weeds

The Ever Growing Presence of Weeds Weeds are plants just trying to grow like anything else. They do not mean to be a menace or disturb the look of your lawn, they want a place…

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Grass and Soil Illustration

Tips on How to Maintain Your Lawn During The Summer

Summer time in the Austin Area can be extreme on your lawn! We often refer to July and August as SummerER as we see frequent triple digits days! Just look at the forecast this week! The…

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Image of Hunter Irrigation Pressure Regulated Sprinkler Body

Simple Tips for Sprucing Up Your Sprinkler System

As I write this post, Austin, Texas is about to have another 100F day, or as I like to say it’s “Summerer!” here in Central Texas! It is 11:07am and it is already 91F out!…

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Grass Works Lawn Care Austin Native Plant Install Common Area 3 (1)

April is the Perfect Time for Planting Native Plants

April is the Perfect Time for Planting Native Plants The Austin and Central Texas areas, known for a fairly dry and hot climate, support many native species of plants, from trees and shrubs to flowers….

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Picture of Grass in need of Weed and Feed

When is the Best Time to Use Weed and Feed in Texas?

When is the Best Time to Use Weed and Feed in Texas? Well if you live in Central Texas, March is a great time to apply Weed and Feed! And with the extra rain this…

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